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Why Handmade Soap?

What soap are you currently using?   Chances are that it isn't soap at all, but a detergent, filled with things you can't pronounce.   Check the label.   It may say "body bar", "cleansing bar", or "beauty bar", but if it doesn't say "soap", it's probably detergent!

Even some true soaps contain harsh chemicals.   Again, read the label!   We make Natural Impulse soaps by hand from scratch, using natural vegetable oils.   (Check the Ingredients.)  

When making soap, glycerin is a naturally formed by-product.   (See Q and A about Handmade Soap.)   And what a by-product!   Glycerin is great for the skin - it's a natural, gentle emollient.   But most big-label soap companies remove the glycerin from their soaps, and sell it separately!

Can you tell the difference between a love letter and junk mail?   Between fresh red snapper and fish sticks?   Between a Monet and those dogs playing poker?   You'll notice a difference in handmade soap too.   Which explains why handmade soap costs a bit more than what you may be used to...   Quality ingredients cost more, but make for a quality product.

Natural Impulse is a family business.   Each bar of soap - made, cut and trimmed by hand - is unique.   In buying our products, you are supporting a small business.   Here there are no robots...   no 50-ton vats...   no corporate big-wigs.   Which is just the way we like it.   We think you will too.

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