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Wholesale Opportunities

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Bath boutique
Gift shop
Craft mall
Herb shop
Outdoor specialty store
Bed and Breakfast
Country Inn
Trade Show give-aways

Gift basket business
Beauty Salon
Day Spa
Massage therapist
Tourist shop
Alternative shopping
Executive gift business

The possibilities are endless.   Today's customers LOVE handmade soap, and buy it for themselves as well as for gifts.   You've probably heard the expression, "If it smells, it sells."   Well, it's true!   Our soaps smell great, and are scented more strongly than most others you will find.   Although the smell is what first attacts the customers, the high-quality oils in our soap leave their skin feeling great, and have them coming back for more.  

We have a low $50 minimum order, and can suggest our best-selling soaps if you are unsure what to order.   (Hint: Peppermint Alarm Clock is almost always our best seller.)   You must initially order at least 3 of each scent that you buy.

Our packaged bath soaps are ready to ship.   (See pictures.)   Private label is also available... just let us know what you want!
Note: We are not taking any new private label customers at this time, except for initial orders of $500 or more. However you may buy bars that are wrapped with the translucent layer only, and add your own label.

We believe our soap wrapping is the best.   Our soaps are first wrapped in translucent paper...   There's no bare soap to attract dust or show fingerprints.   Yet your customers can see and smell the soap, which are the strongest selling points.   And the soap is able to breathe, prolonging its shelf life.   The soaps are also wrapped with a scalloped parchment-paper band label, for a rich feel.   Tired of seeing soap labels slip off after being handled by only a few customers?   Ours won't!   By law, ingredients are not required to be shown on soap labels.   We have chosen to include them on ours, so that customers may avoid specific soaps if they are allergic to one of the ingredients.

Our BEST wholesale customers are small independent retail shops whose owners and/or employees use and enjoy our products.   They then recommend items to their customers, who will become repeat customers.

Please email us (sales [at] or call M-F 8-5 CST, for further wholesale information.   Include your name, business name, address, phone, and resale certificate number (Tax ID number).   We cannot honor your wholesale requests without this information.   Businesses in states without sales tax may fax a copy of their business license.

Or call us at (205) 625-0130.

Due to the high costs involved (and the unfortunate number of would-be con artists) we regret that we cannot send free samples.

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