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Handmade Soap
Luxurious soap, handmade from scratch using all-natural vegetable oils.   Our soaps are often praised for how long they last!   Soaps are labeled 3.3 oz, but often weigh more.   All soaps are $4.25 each unless otherwise noted.   Pictures    Ingredients

FLORALS   Lavender - Roses, Roses - Lilac Time - Honeysuckle - Apple Blossom

ALMOST EDIBLE   Berry Berry Nice - Almond - Green Pear - Licorice Whip - Lemon Chiffon Dream - Peach

HERBAL SOAPS   Peppermint Alarm Clock - Rosemary & Tea Tree - Chamomile & Aloe - Calendula & Elderflower - Comfrey Soother

SPECIALTY SOAPS   Gardener's - Kitchen - Sportsman's - Oatmeal/Honey - Bug Off - Sensitive Skin

SOUTHERN EXPOSURE   Southern Magnolia - Kudzu - Gardenia

RETRO SOAPS   Sandalwood - Jasmine - Musk - Rain Dance - Patchouli

MEN'S SOAPS   Bay Rum - Waterfall - Ocean - Mayan Gold

KID'S SOAPS   Bubblegum - Watermelon

SCENTUAL SOAPS   Too Sexy for my Soap - In the Mood - After Dark - Whisper

floral soaps
Lavender  $ 4.25
A perennial favorite, and not just for grandmothers anymore.   A calming scent.

Roses, Roses  $ 4.25
Can't have servants scattering rose petals before you everywhere you tread?   This soap is the next best thing.

Lilac Time                          $ 4.25
Favored by poets and lovers, the perfume of old-fashioned lilac lingers in memory like a familiar friend.

Honeysuckle  $ 4.25
A light, fresh floral, perfect for any time of the year.

Apple Blossom  $ 4.25
Butterflies, April showers, the rebirth of all that is green... This soap says spring.

ALMOST EDIBLE almost edible soaps
Berry Berry Nice  $ 4.25
Raspberries, to be precise!   Smells sweet and inviting - makes it easy to pretend that it's summer all year 'round.

Almond                    $ 4.25
By popular request.   Bittersweet and addictive.   (The soap version is non-fattening at least.)   A strong but blissful scent, mouth-watering good.

Green Pear                    $ 4.25
Like biting into a fresh, green pear.   Actually, better.   No Calories!

Licorice Whip  $ 4.25
Bring back memories of your childhood with this soap that smells of anise.   You won't even have to share with your little sister.

Lemon Chiffon Dream  $ 4.25
It's hard to remain depressed when confronted with lemons... the scent is downright cheery!   If this bright yellow soap doesn't perk you up, consult your physician.   Mention Prozac.

Peach  $ 4.25
A scent so pleasing and succulent you'll swear it fell right from the tree into your shower.

herbal soaps HERBAL SOAPS
Peppermint Alarm Clock  $ 4.25
Need a soap that will wake you up in the morning?   Try peppermint!   Tickles your skin and gets you going.   Practically guaranteed to make facing the day slightly less annoying.

Rosemary & Tea Tree  $ 4.25
"Rosemary for remembrance...", but also a great toner.   Tea tree is said to have natural antibacterial properties.   Many of our customers prefer Rosemary & Tea Tree for their facial soap... if it smells this medicinal, it's got to be good!

Chamomile & Aloe  $ 4.25
Two plants long revered in skin care, soothing aloe and chamomile, are enhanced by essential oils of lavender and spearmint.

Calendula & Elderflower  $ 4.25
Our most beautiful soap!   Calendula and elderflower flower petals float in a fragrance blend of palmarosa and sweet orange.

Comfrey Soother  $ 4.25
Contains comfrey leaf and eucalyptus essential oil.

SPECIALTY SOAPS specialty soaps
Gardener's Soap  $ 4.25
A scrubby soap for hands soiled by gardening or other dirty tasks.   Corn meal provides the gentle scrubbiness.   Lightly fragranced.

Amazing Kitchen Soap  $ 4.25
a.k.a. Chef's Soap.   Made with coffee, this soap helps remove the garlic and onion smells from hands.   Try it and see for yourself!   Click here for gift sets including Amazing Kitchen soap.

Sportsman's Soap  $ 4.25
We've been told that anise masks the human scent, which is why fishermen and hunters adore this soap.   Regardless, smelling like anise sure beats smelling like fish or game.

Oatmeal/Honey Scrub  $ 4.25
Finely ground oatmeal provides the gentle exfoliation for this soap, and honey lends natural emollience.

Bug Off  $ 4.25
Contains citronella and lemon eucalyptus, two natural insect repellents.   Great for camping.

Sensitive Skin Soap  $ 4.25
Just plain soap.   No color or fragrance or anything added.   Many folks who can't use mass-manufactured soaps or detergents don't have a problem with any of our soaps.   But choose this one if you're extra-sensitive.

SOUTHERN EXPOSURE southern exposure soaps
Southern Magnolia  $ 4.25
Imagine sipping cool mint juleps in the shade of the veranda...   A gentle breeze stirs the blooms of nearby magnolias...   It's not like this at our house, but hey, it could happen!

Kudzu  $ 4.25
Aieee!   Not only has it taken over the yard, it's trying to take over your shower!   Oh wait, it's only Kudzu-scented bath soap.   (One of the few redeeming qualities of Kudzu is its grape-scented blossoms.)

Gardenia  $ 4.25
An old-fashioned romantic favorite that's enjoying a modern revival.   Means "secret love" in the language of flowers.

retro soaps RETRO SOAPS
Sandalwood  $ 4.25
A favorite in the sixties, this scent would also have been familiar to the builders of King Solomon's temple.   A haunting fragrance, difficult to forget.

Jasmine  $ 4.25
Jasmine is a timeless scent, as popular today as it was thousands of years ago.   This one is seductive... imagine yourself as queen of the Nile.

Musk  $ 4.25
This is a light musk, not heavy and overpowering.   It's synthetic - no animals were harmed to make this soap.

Rain Dance  $ 4.25
Bathe in the tropical rain forest without leaving your shower.

Patchouli  $ 4.25
Favored by free spirits and artistic souls, patchouli unites hippies of all generations!

MEN'S SOAPS men's soaps
Buy individually, or click here for gift sets that include Men's Soap.
Bay Rum  $ 4.25
A traditional men's scent, and the number one scent that women buy for men.   We strongly refute the jillions of claims that the smell of Bay Rum acts as an aphrodisiac on women.

Waterfall  $ 4.25
Imagine a thundering cascade in a cool northwestern forest.   The strength... the power... the unmitigated force!   It's hypnotic... it's gripping... it makes you yearn to... take a shower!

Ocean  $ 4.25
A brisk, refreshing scent, as clean as the ocean breeze.

Mayan Gold  $ 4.25
One of the more difficult scents to describe in words.   We thought it was a unisex scent, but customers kept telling us it smelled like a man's soap.   Slightly sweet, with woody undertones and a hint of chocolate.   May cause uncontrollable grinning.

KID'S SOAPS kid's soaps
Bubblegum  $ 4.25
The scrumptious, sweet, lip-smacking fragrance of bubblegum, without all the tooth decay!   (Your dentist will thank you.)

Watermelon  $ 4.25
Summer, kids, and watermelon just seem to go together!   Be careful, once Mom smells this soap, she'll want to use it too.
So juicy, ripe, and garden-fresh you'll be tempted to take a bite!   (But please don't... it still tastes like soap!)

Note: Kids also love our Green Pear and Berry Berry Nice soaps, shown above in the "Almost Edible" section.

SCENTUAL SOAPS scentual soaps
Too Sexy for my Soap  $ 4.25
Certain scents really, umm, ring the bell for men.   Would you believe lavender mixed with pumpkin pie?!   Don't laugh!   It actually smells great.

In the Mood  $ 4.25
Sensuous and alluring, with just a hint of fire... this is the scent of desire.

After Dark  $ 4.25
Champagne and bubblebath, and a hundred candles burning in silver dishes around the tub... This soap helps set the mood!

Whisper  $ 4.25
As subtle and appealing as impassioned words of love, whispered against bare skin.

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