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Business Policies

Privacy - Privacy is key.   We do not give your name, address, phone number, email, or any other information, to anyone else.

Security - Credit Card information is collected on a secure server. We never store credit card info on our computers.

Shipping - Shipping is only $5.95, regardless of order size! (Only in the continental US, sorry! Though if your order is light in weight, it may still go to Alaska and Hawaii for the same price - feel free to ask us before ordering.)

Recycling - You may receive a shipment from us in a reused cardboard box, packed with recycled bubble wrap and recycled packing peanuts.   Our friends are overjoyed to have found that we'll recycle these items for them, and we're tickled that we don't have to buy it.   This keeps costs down for us, and thus for you too.   One thing you will never get from us, however, is a shipment in a turn-inside-out new priority mail box.   Especially since the economy has turned sluggish, we have often been on the receiving end of these boxes when ordering from small companies.   We view this practice as dishonest and will never do it.

Cookies - We don't like them when we're surfing on the internet, and we don't require them for you to view our site or to use the shopping cart.

Returns - Because of the handmade nature of most of our products, we don't allow returns on them... we couldn't in good conscience re-sell to someone else after the items have left our hands.   If you need to return one of the non-handmade items we sell, please call for an authorization number first.   (You are responsible for all shipping costs.) In case of missing or damaged shipments, you must notify us within 5 business days of receipt.

Credit Cards - We don't charge your credit card until your order is ready to ship.   The name "Natural Impulse" will appear on your credit card statement.   There is a $25 fee for issuing a chargeback on your credit card in error.

Checks - Checks may be held until cleared by the bank.   There is a $20 fee for returned checks.

We regret having to establish rules like these last ones!   But to our sorrow, we have learned that the internet is a favorite hunting ground for people aiming to defraud small businesses.

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