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We're Green!

We recycle.   You may receive a shipment from us in a reused cardboard box, packed with recycled bubble wrap and recycled packing peanuts.   Our friends are overjoyed to have found that we'll recycle these items for them, and we're tickled when we don't have to buy it.   This keeps costs down for us, and thus for you too.   One thing you will never get from us, however, is a shipment in a turn-inside-out new priority mail box.   Especially when the economy turns sluggish, we are sometimes on the receiving end of this practice when ordering from small companies.   We view this practice as dishonest and will never do it.

No animal testing.   Except on eager friends and family.

Gentle on the environment.   No phosphates to pollute the water.

No animal products.   OK, we have to "come clean" on this one.   (Ow, sorry, bad pun!)   Soap made with lard (from pigs) or tallow (from cows) can be a fine product.   We just happen to like vegetable soap better.   At any rate, vegetarians and vegans can use our soaps and other products with a clear conscience.   (The only exceptions are: our "Oatmeal Honey Scrub" bar, which contains honey, and our solid perfume, which contains beeswax.)

No unnecessary artificial chemicals.   We don't add chemicals to make the soap last longer or lather better.   We think it does just fine on its own!   Some of our soaps have artificial fragrances or colors (always federally approved for use in cosmetics), but we tell you which ones, in case you want to avoid that.   See Ingredients.   Chemically sensitive?   Try our Sensitive Skin soap.

We believe in volunteering.   Our favorite place to volunteer is Ruffner Mountain Nature Center, the Nature of the City!   If you live near or visit Birmingham, Alabama, please support this wonderful urban oasis. (Note: Since we moved, we are unfortunately too far away from Ruffner to volunteer there. Karen attended the Master Gardener program in Blount county and does volunteer work with them now.)

We support small business.   When possible, we buy our supplies from other small businesses.   We believe this helps build communities.   Plus, it's more pleasurable than dealing with faceless mega-corporations, who don't know you and won't listen to you.

In short, we try to be "good corporate citizens" (even though we're not a corporation)!

You can be too!

Recycle.   The best way to recycle is to actually use something again.   Call a small business near your home and ask if they will accept your excess packing peanuts, boxes, etc.   If you can't find alternative uses for items you no longer need, support your local recycling center!

Volunteer.   Volunteer in your community!   There are opportunities to do great good, and have fun while you're at it.   Not sure where to start?   If you live in the US or Canada, visit The United Way.

Join.   Join an organization that pools money from members for conservation projects.   Two of our favorites are The National Audubon Society and The Nature Conservancy.

Got money?   The refrain of today's over-worked and over-stressed masses... "I haven't got time for that!"   If you can't donate your time, consider donating your money to worthy causes.   Once again, we refer you to The United Way.

Support small businesses.   Buying nails from your local hardware store may cost a few pennies more, because they can't buy in the huge quantities required for larger wholesale discounts.   But our local store owners treat us like people, not numbers!   They help us find which kind of nails we really need.   They will special-order items for us.   It's a pleasant experience to visit their store.   Compare that to your last visit to the mega-homebuilding-warehouse!

One person can make a difference.   And together, we can make a world of difference.   Think about it!

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