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Other Scented Items for Body and Soul

Jojoba Lotion   Rich and creamy vanilla-scented jojoba lotion.   Jojoba closely matches your skin's own natural oils, so this lotion goes on light and sinks in quickly, without being greasy at all.   Also available in a Magnolia scent and an unscented version.   4 oz.

$5.95 each.
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Jojoba Lotion

Vanilla Salt Scrub Vanilla Salt Scrub   Fine grained sea salt gently exfoliates, while oils trap moisture and nourish the skin.   After bathing, gently rub a small amount onto arms, legs, and torso.   Rinse and pat dry.   Your skin has never felt so smooth!   This plastic jar contains enough to last you 2 - 3 months.   Vanilla scented.   12 oz.

$12.95 each

Tingle Toes Mustard Foot Soak   Be good to your feet!   Treat them to our relaxing foot soak and they'll jump for joy.   Ingredients include mustard powder and essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint.   Feels great on tired feet!

$3.95 each
Mustard Foot Soak

Scrubby Soap for Feet   Fun glycerin soap, with a loofah slice embedded.   Feels wonderful, and great for taking the rough spots off your feet.   (These are hand cut.   It's a little difficult to slice them perfectly straight, even with a liberal amount of cursing.   So some of them will be slightly lop-sided.   The upside is that these are larger than the normal ones.)   Choose from Peppermint Tingler, Pink Grapefruit, Juicy Lime, Tangy Lemon, and Sweet Orange.   Round, 3 oz.

scrubby soap for feet     scrubby soap for feet

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$5.95 each        

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Dream Pillow Dream Pillows   Made to slip just inside your regular pillow, these herbal pillows are approximately 6 inches square.   Filled with herbs traditionally thought to help you fall asleep (Sleepyhead), have sweet dreams (Pleasant Dreams), or have vibrant or prophetic dreams (Colorful Dreams).   "Nightmare Chaser" is a Pleasant Dreams pillow made with very mild herbs, for children.
$12.95 each.
Sleepyhead   Hops, Lavender, Roses, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Roses, Thyme, Jasmine Flowers, Linden, Passion Flower, Burdock Root.
Pleasant Dreams   Rose Petals, Lavender, Mugwort, Lemon Verbena, Hops, Jasmine Flowers, Meadowsweet, Thyme, Rosemary, Marjoram, Mullein, Cedar, Aniseseed.
Colorful Dreams   Hops, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Lavender, Roses, Thyme, Jasmine Flowers, Catnip, Passion Flower, Linden, Burdock Root.
Nightmare Chaser   Lavender, Roses, Chamomile, Spearmint, Marjoram.

Solid Perfumes Solid Perfume   Also known as sachet perfume.   Rub your fingers over these perfumes, then apply to pulse points.   Because it's oil-based, the fragrance lasts a long time!   Packaged in half-ounce tins, the scents match our soaps.
$8.95 each.
Jasmine   A timeless scent, as popular today as it was thousands of years ago.   This one is seductive... imagine yourself as Queen of the Nile!   Our most popular solid perfume.
Patchouli   Favored by free spirits and artistic souls, patchouli unites hippies of all generations!   If you like patchouli, you will love this perfume!
Magnolia   Imagine sipping cool drinks in the shade of the verandah... a gentle breeze stirs the blooms of nearby magnolias... it's not like that at our house, but, hey, it could happen!   Matches our Southern Magnolia soap.
Vanilla   So scrumptious they'll want to eat you up!   Kids really love this one.
Rain Dance   Experience the tropical rain forest without leaving home!   A very fresh smelling rain scent.

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