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soap dish

Handmade Wooden Draining Soap Dish   $3.75  

Have you used Handmade Soap before?   It contains no artificial chemicals to keep it hard.   If you let your Handmade Soap sit in water, it will be gone quickly!   If you use a draining soap dish - this one or one like it, where water can completely drain out - your Handmade Soap will last as long as (or longer than) the detergent "soap" you're used to seeing in stores.

bath brush

Bath Brush     $6.95    

Boar bristle bath brush with detachable head.  

bath pillow

Bath Pillow     $8.95    

Terrycloth bath pillow, for resting your weary noggin while soaking.

Available in blue, white, beige, or pink. Note in the comments section which color you prefer.

lip pillow

Lip Bath Pillow     $5.95    

Get lippy! Fun lip-shaped bath pillow, great for a romantic gift.

eye mask

Relaxing Eye Mask     $5.95    

Soothes the sinus area.   Can be cooled in the fridge or warmed in water for the ultimate in relaxation.  (Not for use in the microwave.)

Available only in blue at this time.

foot gloves

Moisturizing Feet Gloves     $5.95    

Slather lotion on those rough edges and slip these "feet gloves" on for the night.   Your feet will repect you so much in the morning!

foot brush with pumice

Foot Brush w/Pumice     $5.95    

Rubber grip, wooden handle, boar bristle brush on one side and shaped pumice stone on the other - all for a great low price! Available with accent in blue, green, or pink. Note in comments section which color you'd prefer.

foot brush

Foot nail brush     $2.95    

Great for keeping your toenails clean, or for brushing feet after using a pumice stone. Plus it's just doggone cute as can be.

large foot roller

Large foot roller     $5.95    

Large foot roller with convex center (curves out).

small foot roller

Small foot roller     $3.95    

Smaller foot roller with concave center (curves in).

bath brush

Bath Brush     $11.95    

A bath brush with a bath pouf attached!   Great for scrubbing your back, or place several in a vase for an everlasting "floral" arrangement!   Note your color preference in the comments section.   If we are out of that color we will substitute another unless you instruct us otherwise.

Photo not available

Pumice Stone with Brush     $7.95    

Keep your feet smooth with this combination pumice stone and brush.

rubber ducky from
Rubber Ducky     $4.95    

Add a little whimsy to your life...   Relax in the tub and play with your rubber ducky!

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